Cyberpunk 2077

Technology keeps progressing forward, but humans have been long since left behind. In 2077 advanced tech is everywhere, from cybernetic augmentations, through work automation to full fledged android. But societies are still mired by the same plights, exasperated by the growth in technology. Corporations control everything, poverty is sky-high and crime is rampant. In this future a revival of punk movements leads to the emergence of new groups of disgruntled revolutionaries- people disillusioned with the american dream, with no hope for the future, who just want to see all of it explode in a glorious ball of fire.
A creation of CD Project Red, the creators of the Witcher series and based on a table-top RPG of the same name, Cyberpunk 2077 is a mixture of FPS and RPG of epic proportions. Taking a lot of both mechanical and narrative clues from Mass Effect, Cyberpunk 2077 aims to deliver a fantastic story and tight gameplay.


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