Dark Souls 3

The Fire fades and the Lords go without thrones. The age of Fire… Is ending. At the very end of time all the lands converge upon Lothric, the firelinking capital of the world and the champion is called.
From the ashes rise the Unkindled. The last undead, rejects and weaklings, unfit even to prolong the flame by burning themselves. And that’s you. In Dark Souls 3, the last part to the epic saga of games by Hidetaka Miyazaki, you will once again venture into the Gothic fantasy world of Dark Souls to gather the souls of the Lords and rekindle the fire once more… Or let it all fade into nothing.
Dark Souls 3 is a hardcore action-rpg where combat is difficult but heavily rewarding. Every obstacle seems insurmountable but only until you master it. Dark Souls 3 blends game mechanics, storytelling and visuals into a masterpiece of game-design.

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Speaker, Quake III Arena