Destiny 2

Destiny 2 

Welcome back, Guardian to the galaxy of shooting and looting. Destiny 2 takes what was best about its predecessor and molds it into a new experience. You’ll find all the familiar elements that made the first game fantastic but done better and more thought out. There are story missions, player versus environment assignments and all out battle between friends and foes in competitive multiplayer. Appearing on consoles and PC the game also pushes for exploration to let us experience the fantastic art style of different planets.

Winter Wonderland 2017 Overwatch PC, PS4 , XO

A very Blizzard Christmas

Ready up the eggnog (bleh), dress up your tree, put on the awfully unfashionable yet very comfy sweater, and boot…

7 months ago
Destiny 2 PC, PS4 , XO

Destiny fund raises and butt-tattoos

Multiplayer games communities are a wonderful thing, especially when they have a worthy cause. Like putting tattoos onto the buts…

12 months ago
Destiny 2 Forsaken PC, PS4 , XO

Bungie reveals Forsaken

Destiny 2 revealed the full scope of features planned for its next major expansion, Forsaken, during the developer stream on…

1 year ago
Destiny 2 Weapon Guide PC, PS4 , XO

Destiny 2 Weapon Guide

How to get the World Quest weapons: the MIDA Mini-Tool, the MIDA Multi-Tool, the Rat King and the Sturm and…

2 years ago
Destiny 2 Class Guide PC, PS4 , XO

Destiny 2 Class Guide

Destiny 2 is upon us for quite some time now. And while the PC gamers are waiting patiently for the…

2 years ago
C-c-c-combo breaker! | Speaker, Killer Instinct
Speaker, Killer Instinct