The Doom reboot punches in. The game is the first major installment of the series since 2004 and stays very true to the predecessor core gameplay values. The core principles here are bad-ass demons, big guns and moving really fast. This mix of gameplay, aided by fantastic music and graphics, have all culminated in a fantastic game which old and new fans will enjoy. The multiplayer is not too shabby either.

DOOM VFR is out now PC , PS4

DOOM VFR is out now

And so are the requirements to run it. The latest DOOM was, quite surprisingly, a very good game that was…

2 years ago
Doom DLC is free now PC, XBO , PS4

Doom DLC is free now

Doom has been updated and this one brings a lot of changes. The update 6.66 erases users’ multiplayer progress down…

2 years ago
New DLC for DOOM is released PC, XBOX one , PS4

New DLC for DOOM is released

On 26 October 2016 the new DLC to this year’s DOOM was released. The new content pack has the title…

3 years ago
PC, XBOX one , PS4

Doom review – Hell on wheels

It’s obvious to say that the original 1993 Doom changed the industry. But it needs to be said as we…

3 years ago
That was too close, you were almost a Jill sandwich. | Barry Burton, Resident Evil
Barry Burton, Resident Evil