Dragon Age: Inquisition

A rip in reality threatens to change the world as the people of Thedas know it. Can you prevent the calamity? Dragon Age: Inquisition is an epic-scale action role-playing game set in the Dragon Age universe, putting you in the shoes of the Inquisitor, a chosen one with a mark on his hand and the head of a powerful ancient organization brought back once again to protect Thedas from a demonic incursion caused by a mysterious incident. Decide where your forces should intervene, gather political and military support, develop your characters skills and power and finally, close the “Breach”, a massive tear in the sky above Thedas.


Former BioWare Lead Producer joins Bungie

Cameron Lee announced his transfer to Bungie. Will Destiny 2 receive a piece of a good story? https://twitter.com/Cameron__Lee/status/806284586552393729 That’s a...

6 years ago