Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis 4 is the iconic grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive. EU4 has been reviewed many times as one of the best strategy games on the market, due to its comprehensive gameplay, perfectly blending the genre’s most playable features into one multi-aspect and immersive experience. Skilful players, who spent hours on mastering the mechanics of war, economy, or dynastic politics in previous titles of Paradox – will surely find themselves satisfied with this massive and detailed game, which brings together all of those mentioned aspects into one carefully crafted tactical gameplay.

EU4 introduces genuine solutions for conquest, colonization and advancement of your territories, well-fitted to its setting in the Age of Discovery and global expansion of Empires. Thanks to the universal mechanics, the genre newcomers may find Europa Universalis 4 as a perfect way to dive into classical strategy. EU4 includes many gameplay improvements over its predecessor, including the Monarch Points, allowing to enhance your nation’s best advantages, as well as re-balanced economy system.

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