Travel to fascinating places, meet interesting people, and then kill them.
Hitman (2016) takes Agent 47 on a series of assignments taking place in five massive, diverse locations all over the world. Take on the core contracts to eliminate prominent figure with influence the Agency wants to remove, and then move to small fish who got on somebody’s nerves. From Morocco to Japan, 47 will test every disguise and every opportunity available to complete his contracts as efficiently as possible.
Can you move unseen in crowded places and get to your well-guarded targets?


Hitman goes tropical

Some time ago we saw the busy and colorful stage of Miami, but now we got something different for you....

2 years ago

IO Interactive is free!

The last couple of weeks were full of news of Square Enix trying to sell IO Interactive, the makers of...

3 years ago
... |GLaDOS, Portal
Gato, Chrono Trigger