NBA 2K18

The best basketball simulation on the market returns. It tries to improve on the already fantastic game that we got last year in many ways. MyCareer gets a deeper social mode with The Neighbourhood functioning as an online hub for all activities. MyGM now features a story mode which puts your persona in a context of an ever-changing NBA landscape. The mechanics have been improved to even better represent the particular style of teams and players competing in the best basketball league in the world.

NBA stepping into esports PC, PS4 , XO

NBA stepping into esports

It’s a long-term investment. National Basketball Association is getting into the esport business next launching their NBA 2K League. The…

2 years ago
Nba 2k18 PC, PS4, NS, PS3 , X360

NBA 2K18 showcases legends

It’s time to show off your G.O.A.T. skills. 2K Sports released a new trailer for its yearly basketball franchise. This…

3 years ago
Nba 2k18 PC , PS4

NBA 2K18 gets first trailer

What can 2K surprise us with? Well, here’s a bit of the answer. 2K Sports released a trailer for NBA…

3 years ago
2K reveals NBA 2K18 Soundtrack PC, PS4, PS3 , X360

2K reveals NBA 2K18 Soundtrack

This year’s batch of songs for the leading NBA franchise has been presented. And it matters because it’s all you…

3 years ago
PC, PS4 , XO

NBA 2K18 Review

Year in, year out the NBA 2K series has been a must-have for basketball fans all over the world. Is…

3 years ago
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