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British Academy Game Awards 2018 PC, PS4 , XO

The winners of BAFTA

Yesterday, on April 12th, BAFTA held its annual British Academy Game Awards ceremony and as you can imagine it was…

2 years ago
Bayonetta 3 announced by Nintendo NS

Bayonetta 3 announced by Nintendo

Players’ prayers have been answered. Nintendo has announced that it is once more partnering with Platinum Games to bring us…

2 years ago
Watch the TV ads for Splatoon 2 NS

Watch the TV ads for Splatoon 2

Nintendo prepares you for the imminent release of their much-awaited sequel. The World is your playground – Nintendo claims in…

2 years ago
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat. Watch me kill your favorite cat. | Joker, Batman: Arkham City
Joker, Batman: Arkham City