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TrackMania Turbo now has VR PC, XBOX one, PS4 , VR

TrackMania Turbo now has VR

Players on PC and PlayStation 4 now can access 40 exclusive VR tracks. The tracks will be available in Arcade…

3 years ago
PlayStation VR works with PC PC, PS4 , VR

PlayStation VR works with PC

As reported by Reddit a user from Japan attempted to use a PlayStation VR with a PC. The success was partial.…

3 years ago
Overwatch Halloween Terror PC, XBOX one , PS4

Overwatch Halloween Terror

On 11 October 2016 a new seasonal event started in Blizzard’s hit online first-person shooter Overwatch. Called Halloween Terror it…

3 years ago
Beyond Good and Evil Free on PC PC

Beyond Good and Evil Free on PC

Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary celebration continues. Since June the veteran developer and publisher has been releasing a game a month, free…

3 years ago
Hadouken! | Ryu, Street Fighter II
Ryu, Street Fighter II