PUBG is a third-person perspective online shooter/survival capturing perfectly the nascent Battle Royale genre. You and 99 other players are dropped onto a huge island walled in by a deadly energy filled shrinking at regular intervals, pushing everyone closer and closer to the area of the final battle. The single lucky player or squad to be left standing will be rewarded with a delicious chicken dinner.
Scavenge for weapons, hide from other players, and remove them from the game with well-placed shots. PUBG is a brutal and engaging online experience.

Brendan Greene wants to kill you PC , XO

Brendan Greene wants to kill you

I jest, but poking fun at the expense of PUBG has become something of a favorite internet pass-time lately hasn’t…

2 years ago
PUBG Molotov PC, XO , AND

Fiery update for PUBG

Hotter than a frivolous lawsuits for sure, you could say that one gave people a bit of a cold shoulder.…

2 years ago
PUBG finally sues Fortnite. PC, PS4, XO , AND

PUBG finally sues Fortnite.

We’ve been ramping up to this, haven’t we? One could say this was as inevitable as the sunset. As inevitable…

2 years ago
PUBG Sanhok PC, XO , AND

Golden chests appear in PUBG

PUBG has been somewhat quiet about large updates and news, diverting all of its powers towards the big E-sports event…

2 years ago
top shooters PC, PS4 , XO

TOP 6 Shooters of 2017

Oddly enough, this year while pretty welcoming to RPGs and action-RPG as we’ve already covered, hasn’t been quite as unequivocally…

3 years ago
The Battle for Battle Royale PC, PS4, XO , NS

The Battle for Battle Royale

The biggest craze in multiplayer games did not come out of the blue. And it’s not alone anymore. Well, it…

3 years ago
Games of the Year of the Last Decade PC, PS4 , PS3

Games of the Year of the Last Decade

Rankings matter. This is something everyone discovers very quickly when they pop into a multiplayer game and try to learn…

3 years ago
Congratulation. This story is happy end. Thank you. | Ending screen, Ghosts ‘N Goblins
Ending screen, Ghosts ‘N Goblins