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Brendan Greene wants to kill you PC , XO

Brendan Greene wants to kill you

I jest, but poking fun at the expense of PUBG has become something of a favorite internet pass-time lately hasn’t…

1 year ago
PUBG Molotov PC, XO , AND

Fiery update for PUBG

Hotter than a frivolous lawsuits for sure, you could say that one gave people a bit of a cold shoulder.…

2 years ago
PUBG finally sues Fortnite. PC, PS4, XO , AND

PUBG finally sues Fortnite.

We’ve been ramping up to this, haven’t we? One could say this was as inevitable as the sunset. As inevitable…

2 years ago
PUBG Sanhok PC, XO , AND

Golden chests appear in PUBG

PUBG has been somewhat quiet about large updates and news, diverting all of its powers towards the big E-sports event…

2 years ago
The Battle for Battle Royale PC, PS4, XO , NS

The Battle for Battle Royale

The biggest craze in multiplayer games did not come out of the blue. And it’s not alone anymore. Well, it…

2 years ago
Games of the Year of the Last Decade PC, PS4 , PS3

Games of the Year of the Last Decade

Rankings matter. This is something everyone discovers very quickly when they pop into a multiplayer game and try to learn…

2 years ago
C-c-c-combo breaker! | Speaker, Killer Instinct
Speaker, Killer Instinct