Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves 

Sea of Thieves is an online coop-based action game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft on Xbox One and Windows PC on March 20th, 2018, with cross-platform play as a standard feature. The game centers around an open-ended, sandbox adventure of a group of pirates sailing the seas to accomplish various goals and earn riches both through legitimate and more underhanded means, as befits a group of pirates. Each player has a specific job to do in the crew and will be responsible for leading the ship, operating the canons, chart the course, or entertain the rest of the crew through music.


The game definitely has a comedic slant due to cartoon artistic style and unrealistic physics, as well as quests with comedic undertones. Sea of Thieves was initially released after a lengthy beta which showed a lot of promise, but the final product was somewhat lacking in content. However, with new pieces of DLC and regular patches, the game has certainly became more full and robust over time and continues to expand all the time. No information is so far available about any possibilities of PlayStation release.

See of Thieves the Hungering Deep PC , XO

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Sea of Thieves PC , XO

The Hungering Deep’s trailer is here

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The Hungering Deep awaits

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Sea of Thieves has a Day 1 patch

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sea of thieves news featured PC , XO

Sea of Thieves beta announced

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