Strange Brigade

Pulp fiction is a genre of stories, whose name derives from the cheap wood-shaving material used for the production of the books. Popular in America’s 60s and 70s, these were simple stories, catering to the very base instincts of the readers, a literary equivalent of fast food. It’s also a name of Quentin Tarantino movie inspired by and parodying this principle. The joke there being that it looks like a pulp story, but is actually a good movie.
Why am I talking about this? Because this is where Indiana Jones comes in, and a whole host of movies inspired by pulp. The gist of a story like this is simple, straight-forward, honest. And this is where Strange Brigade comes in. The game is set up exactly like a pulp story, with a simple Indiana Jones-esque premised, simple yet satisfying mechanics and great focus on coop. It’s a loving omage to what makes pulp memorable and entertaining.