Super Mario Odyssey

At long last, we have the most amazing return to form, from Nintendo, with the newest installment in the Super Mario franchise with Super Mario Odyssey, a delightful 3D platformer set in a Super Mario 64-style open world.
In Super Mario Odyssey, we once again play as the legendary Italian plumber with a positive attitude, once again embarking on an epic quest to save Princess Peach from his arch-nemesis, Bowser. This time he receives the help of Cappy, a spirit bound to Mario’s hat, giving the hero new and potent abilities, like the ability to assume control over certain opponents and utilize their special skills to traverse the levels.
Super Mario Odyssey introduces new mechanics to the series, expanding on the platformer formula, while still staying true to the series’s spirit. As the name suggests, it’s a full-on hero’s journey, bursting with genuine spirit of adventure.