Worms WMD

Prime your Super Banana Bombs and aim your bazookas.
Worms W.M.D., launched in 2016, is the next entry into the long-running franchise about bloodthirsty worms duking it out on 2D destructible maps. This edition blends the classic experience you remember from Worms 2 or Armageddon with new features and solutions you never expected in the series, but probably should have!
Among worthy additions and vehicles of destruction, building of preventing destruction for a while, and even crafting, because it’s 2018, damn it! With over 80 tools both classic and new, you’ll never want for more options.

Worms coming to Switch NS

Worms coming to Switch

The creatures invade Nintendo. Switch is going to get themselves one of the most beloved franchises n the market with…

3 years ago
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