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Xbox One GameDVR getting 1080p XO

Xbox One GameDVR getting 1080p

Recording gameplay in a higher quality than before. All those who participate in the Xbox Insider programme have been graced…

2 years ago
nhl 18 XBO

NHL 18 up for tests on Xbox

EA Sports decided it needs to assess the state of its hockey game. And so we have a beta. Its…

2 years ago
Sims 4 PC , XBO

The Sims 4 coming to Xbox One

Microsoft’s console is going to have a whole new audience. noticed a store listing that describes the premiere of…

3 years ago
Forza 7’s first cars revealed PC

Forza 7’s first cars revealed

If you’re into cars, you’ll really be happy. Turn 10, the developer of the upcoming Forza 7, revealed a list…

3 years ago
xbox controller zoom. PC

What is xbox game pass? Our Review!

Streaming. Possibly the future of all media in general, certainly the future of gaming (although by some metrics it’s technically…

11 months ago
That was too close, you were almost a Jill sandwich. | Barry Burton, Resident Evil
Barry Burton, Resident Evil