Namco Bandai-published souls-like, Code Vein, has finally revealed its release date, along a new trailer that lasts a whooping 17 minutes packed with cut-scenes, gameplay and story narration.

It’s sooo deliciously… Japanese. Literally, it’s in Japanese. Now I’m a weeb so I can broadly understand what’s going on (simply put: a whole lot of yelling platitudes and profound-sounding lyrical nonsense), but most of you probably won’t be able to.

Fortunately English trailer will probably be revealed soon. Now when the game comes out, on September 28th, I still encourage you to play it in Japanese with English subs anyway. That’s the only way to watch anime. And make no mistake, this is anime, a highly interactive one.

From what we know about the game so far, it appears to be a spiritual successor to Dark Souls through and through– weighty attacks, stamina bars, repeated dying and dark souls-style coop, it’s all here. Vampyr has made a step Code Vein. Finish the job. Make Vampires cool again.