You may not know this, but currently there’s a war going on between two modern, isometric RPGs, pretty much the only two survivors of a disappearing genre- Divinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity.

Neither of the two powerhouse games wants to be left behind so they constantly try to one up each other. Original Sin 2 is due for a release on consoles in August, coinciding with another DLC piece coming out for PoE 2. You’re starting to see what I mean about these two series’s being locked in a mortal combat aren’t you?

On that note, the Developers behind Original Sin 2 didn’t want the Definitive Edition (why it’s not called Divine Edition I don’t know, it’s a terribly wasted opportunity) to just be a console re-release, the game is promised to have major updates and changes specific to the new edition, including new characters, new quests, new encounters and even, and this is pretty ridiculous, a new physics engine specifically for this edition AND a whole new Story Mode giving the players a more casual experience.

Pretty god-damn impressive. What is ever more impressive is that the Definitive Edition will be free for everyone who already owns Divinity 2. And it will even come with a special little side-story of a cute Squirrel Knight and his fight against a doomsday cult trying to destroy the world with a giant acorn. Fantastic.

All in all this is possibly the single best re-release of a game I’ve seen in my life, Skyrim on Alexa notwithstanding of course. And this is a second time they are doing this, the re-release for Divinity 1 was similarly impressive. Are you taking notes Todd?