Another year, another Gamescom. In the absence of E3, the already massive gaming event rose to an even greater prominence, and this year Cologne saw a very generous serving of new game announcements, gameplay reveals for titles that we’ve only heard of before, and a bunch of updates coming to your favorite pastimes like Destiny 2.

Instead of the going through everything revealed, let’s take a look at a few highlights, just to give you a taste of how momentous this year’s Gamescom was.

First in line came new materials regarding some long-awaited sequels. If you’re a fan of a certain blue hedgehog, then you’ll probably be happy to learn that Sonic Frontiers got a juicy new trailer showcasing a lot of what the game is going to be like. We also got a new look at another sequel of a venerable franchise. Return to Monkey Island might look different but feels the same as the classic adventures games you love.

We even got a few big announcements, such as the second coming of the Dead Island series, with the reveal of Dead Island 2, and if you miss the ridiculousness of Tales from the Borderlands, then you’ll be happy to learn that there will be New Tales from the Borderlands, which are exactly what the title promises.

On the Souls-like part of life, not only did we see more of the Lies of P, a Bloodborne, but with a creepy Pinocchio, but also a title from the distant past of 2014 returned. The Lords of the Fallen is going to be a rebooted of Deck13 and CI Games’ slightly forgotten production. Now it seems to have a new life breathed into it.

In terms of new information about games we’d previously only heard vague things about, let us draw your attention to two of them. The first is BLACKTAIL, a Polish games which lets you play as a witch armed with a bow for good measure. Meanwhile, if instead of magical forests you’re more drawn to spicy sand, then you’ll be glad to hear we learned more about Dune: Awakening. It turns out it’s going to be a survival MMO, not unlike Conan Exiles from the same developer.

To close things off with updates and content releases, Dying Light 2 Stay Human will receive a major expansion called Bloody Ties, while Destiny 2 gets Lightfall, which, among new content, also brings back the Legendary Mode.

All of that barely scratches the surface of everything Gamescom 2022 revealed, there were many more reveals, big and small, and these are just a few juicy bits.