Apparently Valve CAN be quick and effective when they put their mind to it. It didn’t take them more than a day and the atrocious, offensive game is gone.

Active Shooter

As you may remember, ?Active Shooter has been the subject of criticism from many sides, many sides recently. For all intents and purposes, the game shouldn’t have been up on Steam for the simple reason that it’s not in a playable condition- broken mechanics, glitches and bugs, framerate hell. You know, usual par for course on Steam. It of course also shouldn’t exist, because it glorifies school shootings.

Now apparently these are not exactly the reasons Valve took action as fast as they did. The “developer” behind Active Shooter, a hastily cobbled together asset-flip relying on shock value, is a person named Berdiyev, a troll extraordinaire with a long history of breaking Steam’s ToS. It’s at least good to know that Valve keeps tabs on its rogues gallery (it doesn’t really, the community does and informs Steam wehn necessary, but I need to find an excuse for praising Valve here).

Valve reassured us that they’ll addressing the “broader discussion on their content policies” soon. But “soon” in Valve time can take months. I mean I hope the identity of the “developer” is just an excuse so that all the FSWs (for “free-speech warriors”) stop defending a school shooting game, but I know it won’t works, because they’ve defended worse things in the past.