The latest trailer is all about different characters, car customization and, well, you guessed it, action.

Let’s start with the official description:

Seoul is LEGION’s city, with the help of the base agents at the ARK, Agents take back Seoul from LEGION occupation. Machining expert and resident engineer Gremlin runs the R&D lab. Terminally positive, Gremlin engages her mischievous curiosity for all machines to create some of MAYHEM’s deadliest weapons such as the Gutterball Gun that strikes down everything in its path with a barrage of giant electrified balls, or the Cabbit Bomb that turns your enemies into an explosive cabbit. Gremlin’s crazy weapons can be found hidden in caches around the city and while her devices aren’t often the most well tested or safe out there, but they’re guaranteed to make a splash.

If you played Saints Row, especially the latest parts of the series, you won’t be surprised by the mechanics used in Agents of Mayhem. You will have to free different parts of Seoul and that includes rescuing scientists, defeating outposts etc. And here’s the above-mentioned trailer: