And it’s very, very excessive. Presented below for your leisure, but BE CAREFUL, it’s absolutely NSFW and incredibly gruesome. Which just makes you want to watch it more doesn’t it?

Ah, Agony. A game so over-the-top in its presentation that it would be silly and trite, were it not for the fact that it’s executed so well, it actually works. Like you wouldn’t think a game where you go through a literal hellscape, seemingly partake in debauched rituals and fend off vagina-faced demons with flailing boobs would be actually enticing, you’d just roll your eyes at the attempt at shock value. And yet here we are.

What seems to work for Agony is that it’s a horror game through and through, in the vein of old Silent Hill games or Painkiller, where the horror comes not from dark rooms and silly jump-scares but from design, atmosphere and tension.

A lot has changed through the development it seems, contrary to the early presentation it seems a combat system of sorts has been added, it look like the player will be able to engage with the monstrous denizens of hell in more ways than just by running and hiding.

Agony premiers on May 29 and I cannot wait.