If you are like me, the biggest barrier for getting into WoW has to be sheer breadth of content that one has to obtain to get the full value out of your game. Buying all the expansions in addition to the base game and monthly subscription is a tough sell.

But this isn’t going to be the case anymore. Blizzard has finally dropped a frankly misconceived idea of a Battle Chest (even the name is somewhat insulting) which contained previous expansions. You HAD TO buy it in order to play at all. In addition to the base game. And monthly subscription. Clearly this was never a good idea and now it’s a thing of the past.

You will now be able to buy the base game (plus Battle for Azeroth of course, which admittedly is more costly than Legion used to be) and experience all of World of Warcraft. For as long as you pay the subscription. This is not entirely new, Blizzard has made certain expansions free in the past, but the removal of the Battle Chest (yuk) is a good thing.

You know I’m seriously now pondering giving my soul over to Blizzard and checking out what this whole WoW thing is about. I hear it’s a fun game. And I’ve had a… Weakness for Blood Elves for a long time now.