Following all the shenanigans, leaks and cryptic hints, the trailer for Rage 2 has finally been released. I don’t know about you, but I pretended to be surprised.

This doesn’t come completely out of nowhere, though I had no idea there’s this large community waiting for a game that really didn’t do that well.

Don’t get me wrong, original Rage was very innovative for its time- introducing a new graphics rendering technique that essentially frees up all the space by not rendering anything that isn’t in immediate view. Which sounded interesting, technically it means that in Rage nothing except what you can immediately see exists.

This system wasn’t perfect and the game had other issues (notably the PC launch was pretty bad) but Rage was… Alright. The trailer for the sequel is set to excellent Andrew WK song Ready to Die and it looks like the best Mad Max acid trip ever and I genuinely hope that the game is great.

We can expect the gameplay trailer tomorrow and if it follows the reveal trailer in style I can only summarize it’s going to be glorious.