New characters, fresh quests and a lot more customization elements are on the way.

When a season pass for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was announced, everyone probably expected tons of customization items to be delivered. But even when being up to date with recent additions, it’s easy to get lost with different packs and features.

DLC titled DB Super Pack 3 will release on April 25th and as you’ll notice in the trailer below, it is Dragon Ball Super-themed with most of the elements focused on the recently released TV anime. Here’s the full list of elements, with the video to follow:

  • 3 Additional Characters: Goku Black Rose, Zamasu and Bojack
  • 3 New Parallel Quests
  • 5 Additional Skills
  • 4 Additional Costumes
  • 5 Super Souls
  • 2 Emotes
  • Bojack as a Master, leading to new quests to unlock new Skills, Chats, Marks