You may remember our last post where we offered creating a key blocker to help developers blacklist review and giveaway keys on G2A Marketplace.

Creating such a tool is going to be time-consuming and expensive for us. This is why it would be great if at least 100 developers signed up – we just want to make sure that our key blocker is going to be used by many.

19 developers have signed up so far. Here’s their list:

  • Beer Money Games,
  • Bossa Studios,
  • CCP Games,
  • Crimson Leaf LLC,
  • Deep Silver,
  • Dirty Beast Games,
  • Dynart,
  • Electrocosmos,
  • Farom Studio,
  • Fox Byte Games,
  • Hound Picked Games,
  • MetalBear,
  • Modoka Studios Entertainment,
  • Moonlight Mouse,
  • SimaGames,
  • Squidpunch Studios,
  • Troglobytes Games.

Kudos to them!

We want to encourage more developers to join the cause, so we’re extending the deadline to the end of August 2019. This is also due to Gamescom coming up. We’ll get a chance to talk to many video game devs during the event and find out how we can help them more.

If you’re a developer and like our idea, don’t hesitate and sign up now!