BioWare is trying to merge MMOs with co-op with shooters, following in Bungie’s and Ubisoft’s footsteps.

Anthem seems like a game that played other games a lot. There’s a whiff of Destiny to it, with a civilizations closed up in a tight space surrounded by a hostile world. There’s some The Division in it, with 4-player co-op, instant session joining and rampaging through an open world. And then there’s a bit of the Titanfall aroma added thanks to rusty science-fiction look, used-up technology and enhanced battle armors. We like it. Here’s the reveal and a mission gameplay that shows a gorgeous, lush world.

Players will take the roles of Free Lancers, that is heroes that wear expensive-looking, customizable exo-suits called the Javelins. They give the players the ability to withstand direct fire, kick ass and fly around the jungle open world. There will be loot, because a game without loot is not a game, there will be special events called the “shaping storms” and big creatures to fight.

It looks that we have ourselves a new genre, ladies and gentlemen.

There are still no details about the launch date nor the platform, but it’s safe to say that the game won’t be an exclusive title as no company has declared that yet.