As of today it’s been revealed that the launch of BioWare’s next game Anthem scheduled for 2018 has always been set for 2019, because there have been no delays.

As reported by several sources, inluding Rock, Paper, Shotgun and PC Gamer, the upcoming mech-suit SF game from BioWare is now a 2019 release. If you’ve been itching to see if the Canadian developer will manage to repent for the global disappointment called Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll need to wait a little bit more.

We don’t know very much about Anthem so far, and most of what we do know comes from the admittedly very pretty trailer released a while back. It remains unclear whether the talking heads are supposed to be players of their characters. Take a look and decide for yourself.

It kind of looks like it’s going to feature small-scale titans from Titanfall, and the jungle looks a bit Evolvey, but these aren’t bad things to be, so all’s good.