And better than ever. Also I totally called it. Not that it was an amazing prediction, it was obvious. But that’s what any humble prophet would say right?

The solo Showdown mode from last month, Fortnite’s foray into ranked seasons, is back, in a slightly different form. It got merged with the frantic and fast-paced Blitz mode where the battlefield starts contacting immediately and good loot has increased drop-rates.

The number of Ranking Matches has been cut in half (from 50 to 25) and while the rewards have been lowered, the matches are divided into regions, each with a respective ranking. All that means that this season is going to be much faster and meaner but in the end also more rewarding for everyone involved. Nice.

We can expect this trend of Epic mixing and matching rules for the Showdown to continue as they experiment with the formula. These guys are far from running out of ideas.