The blacksmiths from the Youtube channel AWE me did it again. Recently Man at Arms: Reforged recreated two weapons from Battlefield 1: the Jambiya knife, and the Trench Club, both tested by Danny Trejo himself This time they decided to go for more flair, and recreated the katana and shurikens of the Roboninja Genji from Blizzard’s Overwatch.

It is unclear of the sword can deflect bullets and cause a spectral dragon to emerge, but with these smith’s talent anything is possible.

Update (01.12.2016)

For those who enjoy 360° videos, there are two available for you: one about the forging, another for grinding. There are two more to still come, judging by the (x/4) in the titles.

Update (02.12.2016)

As expected two more 360° vids appeared on the channel. One showing the finishing strokes (no pun unintended), the other is about final assembly and testing.