Return to Skara Brae, adventurers, and sit by the familiar hearth.

After long, long years of waiting the revival of the classic Bard’s Tale franchise is finally launching…. in September.

And no, we’re not talking about the The Bard’s Tale launched in 2003, It was a fine game, and a source of some hearty laughter, too, but it wasn’t the Bard’s Tale people who played games in ye olde days engines would recognise. But the songs were fun!

Bard’s Tale IV, on the other hand, is very much that. A grid-locked, turn-based, first-person perspective dungeon-exploration game, complete with puzzles, party management, tactical decisions, and probably a good sense of immersion, if you’re into buzzwords. Perhaps it should thank games like Legend of Grimrock, which brought back the appreciation for this type of games.

Oh, right. The release date. The Bard’s Tale IV comes to PC on September 18th this year.