The next big expansion for World of Warcraft is launching on August 14th, but before that happens, you’ll have some time to prepare for war.

Battle for Azeroth is somewhat derivative—the shaky truce between the Alliance and the Horde existing post Cataclysm is breaking down and a full-on war is looming on the horizon. Honestly I can get behind that, I’m a Horde boy myself. We all know they have the best elves.

In any case, before the expansion hits, just in a couple of days on July the 17th, Blizzard launches the pre-patch for BfA. This isn’t just a slab of data that will sit idly on your machine, just like with Legion the pre-patch includes new mechanics, changes to existing locations and more. One interesting addition is a change to PvP which can now be initiated at will, anywhere.

Can you hear that? ‘Tis the drums of war. Lok’tar ogar my friends.