There’s a Free Trial, but you already know what it means for the games right now.

If you follow the news about Battleborn, you know that the matter of the game going free-to-play is a long-running topic. Gearbox Software reassured the playerbase for a long time that the shift isn’t happening, but now – well – it almost did.

The game is now available in a Free Trial form, which isn’t exactly a free-to-play model… until you think about what it offers. And as for now everyone can join the game for free and use six of 30 characters that are available in a weekly rotation. You can buy various elements in the in-game shop, and former players are receiving bonuses for their previous support.

Below you can find a trailer for the Free Trial, and Gearbox has some more information of what you can get if you played before. Hopefully, the game won’t end up the same way as Evolve did, as it has some interesting features.