It will now be available to a larger public.

The Incursions mode for Battlefield 1 is a smaller 5 vs 5 experience that is aiming at creating faster, more focused battles that will appeal to both the ones playing and to the ones watching.

September this year was the time for a closed alpha for the mode and EA announced that it is now time for testing to move to the game’s CTE. That stands for Community Testing Environment and is a more or less open platform for players to participate.

Producer David Sirland explains in a blog post:

“In this more expansive phase, we’ll allow anyone to register for access, and expand the player base as we keep developing and iterating on the experience. This will lead to more games played, better regional coverage, and finally: a large enough player pool to support the new features coming soon. No further action required if you’re already in the Alpha—you’ll see the name change with today’s update.”

The CTE is a PC only affair but if you register you probably will get in as the devs are looking for a large player pool.