Battlefield V beta

Followed with the trailer for Battlefield V’s ‘the Company’, we now have a concrete date and details about the upcoming beta.

I should note how the criticism for the new trailer was entirely predictable. Now of course the issue this time is presence of Asian and Black characters. Now I could say a lot about the involvement of Asians in World War II. I could also attempt, for the second time, to explain how customization options are an important and integral part of gameplay. But I won’t, because there’s no point.

Instead, I’ll just invite you to play the beta yeah? See for yourself if presence of Asian women is so jarring when you play out Conquest and Operations in Rotterdam and Scandinavia.

Of course, if you preordered the game or if you’re Origin Access subscriber (though statistically speaking, chances of that are very, very low, despite EA’s best wishes).

On a complete side-note, it pains me immensely that I’ll have to simultaneously praise EA for sticking to their guns on the customization thing and that when the time comes I’m gonna be angry about its execution anyway. Nuance is painful in this whole messy discussion.