Being on the right side of history sure is gotta be tough for a video game.

Battlefield V Tides of War


EA will adopt a system they called Tides of War into Battlefield V- progression system that aims to provide players with the “evolving journey” through the re-imagining of World War II. Players will be able to create and customize  their company of soldiers for each faction in the War, the two initial being the Germans and the British.

Soldiers can be customized further with classes and specializations, allowing you to create a team specialized in one specific are of engagement. You can create a shock force, a medic corp, an engineering squad and much, much more with tons of variations, all coming with personal equipment and vehicles as well.

Tides of War comes as an integral part of Battlefield V and all its features, including future ones like new factions, vehicles and equipment, will be available for all players. With EA aiming to take the players “on a true journey through World War 2” by using times-events and showing different aspects of the greatest conflict in human history, this almost sounds educational.

Of course, it has to be remembered that this is a video game, not a history book, it’s supposed to be entertaining. Spec Ops: The Line attempted to replicate the experience of PTSD and, big shock, people don’t really like PTSD. It kind of sucks.

Battlefield V is an artistic vision of what World War 2 is for us today. It’s a romanticized image steeped in modern sensibilities. So I encourage you to have fun with it instead of wanting it to be a history lecture.