More and more info is being revealed about Battlefield V every day, but for now, something big and simple- Parachutes.

As far as Battlefield is concerned, Airborne isn’t exactly new, previous Battlefield games have featured air-drops, but the mechanics never had a mode of play fully dedicated to itself. Which leads us to believe, since this is a sticking point for Dice, that air-dropping will be greatly expanded upon and polished.

Many people are drawing comparisons to Battle Royale games, though it’s entirely unclear if the mode will feature any other trappings of the genre (single life, contracting battlefield, weapon scavenging). It’s entirely possible that the devs merely want us to make such connections and they’re appealing to popular trends, so don’t start jumping for joy or groaning in discontent. Battlefield V is not confirmed for Battle Royale quite yet.

Battlefield will arrive on October 19th, so you have until then to grumble about them wyhmen taking your games from you until you inevitably play Battlefield V anyway and make a female character, because I know you will. Cheers.