It’s been quiet here about Battlefield V for the most part. One reason being people got tired of being misogynistic so by now they have few critical things to say about the game (mostly concentrating on the Battle Royale mode), but we have a bit of good news.

The alpha has been going reasonably smoothly, with a few minor hiccups every now and then. Along the usual issues of stability and lag (which is entirely to be expected in an alpha version of a multiplayer game), there’s still some balancing things to do, also entirely to be expected.

More importantly, EA announced that the open beta for Battlefield V will be launching in late September, but no concrete date was given. “There will be several more tests of Battlefield 5—internal and external—before the October launch, and we will be using our learnings from the first Alpha to test further and fine-tune the experience,” writes EA.

Additionally they promised a to present a new, stable build of the game for Gamescom 2018, which we’re all certainly looking forward to.