Battlefield V, scheduled to be release on October 16th has hyped itself immensely. Let’s first see if it warrants it.

Battlefield returns to World War II with a flashy-over-the-top action sequence showing exactly what war is good for (I’m reusing a joke, I know)- absolutely nothing. I gotta say, it was difficult not to not hear Tracer when what I will assume was the female protagonist spoke.

Also we now know that the mysterious hushing man was just a big Nazi guy who immediately got axed off. Or batted off, as it were. Also, a British lady using a wired bat as a weapon- very meta EA, I love it.

Although I do have a gripe with this trailer, which is that it looked incredibly scripted. It didn’t actually seem like the player character could die at any point, except when they reached a specific location. Not to mention the fact that all this shooting seemed terribly chaotic and inconsequential. Which while is probably an accurate portrayal of war, doesn’t create fun gameplay.

But then I was never a big Battlefield or CoD player, so I don’t know how the formula is supposed to work. But, you know, this one has a campaign mode. Heh.