Developed by Harebrained Schemes, BattleTech, a game about giant robots duking it out, is out now on Steam.

BattlTech is based on a franchise that has actually been going on for 34 years, starting from a lowly board-game. It has always been rather niche, but it has tried ventures into the gaming industry in the past and has a surprisingly large amount of IPs under its banner.

The appeal of BattleTech is quite easy to understand- it’s a game about giant bipedal robots mashing against each other. Duh. Like you shouldn’t need more than that, the Megas XLR theme is already playing in my head.

Now of course, having 34 year legacy, the game has deep reserves of lore and story, but primarily it offers intensely strategic, turn-based gameplay and deep customization of your mercenary group. ‘S good, apparently ‘s pretty good.

I mean I personally dig giant robots. I hope you share this trait of mine.