TB has been a big part of the industry for years. At times he could have been equal parts abrasive, caring, insightful, biased and thought-provoking. And now this face of gaming is gone.

John Bain, better known as Total Biscuit, has a long and stories history of games journalism and criticism behind him. He started out as an E-Sports commentator and team manager on the Star Craft side while later transitioning to running a YouTube channel and hosting a games-oriented podcast, the Co-Optional, whose tagline has quickly become “we DO occasionally talk about video-games”.

TB has been a part of the community, of the industry, of the culture. And he never shied away from looking at all parts of the industry he devoted his life to, with critical lens. He was not one to be fooled and strung along, he was one to call out bad practices, systemic issues and individual failings where he saw them.

And TB unfortunately had cancer. He died at the age of 33 with his wife announcing his departure to the world via Twitter. For a long time has been coming, we’ve all pretty much accepted that this is a battle he wasn’t going to win. Still, it doesn’t feel any less empty without TB. You will be missed TB, we’re all pressing “f” to pay your respects. You were a titan and your legacy will endure.