Although G2A in general has some of the best prices on games on the market, sometimes what you need is something extra. A discount too good to ignore, an offer you just can’t refuse. This is where the many deals of G2A come into play, but how does one even find them? We’re here to help you find them.

The Deal Zone

The most obvious way to access some of the best prices on the website is the Deal Zone, accessible from the G2A.COM homepage. It’s on the far right side of the menu, past Consumer Electronics and Gift Cards, and features several distinct options.

  • AAA games under €1—takes you G2A Loot, where, with luck, you’d be able to get top-notch triple-A games without spending more than a dollar, as long as you get a good roll on the loot.
  • 2019 Blockbusters—is exactly what it says on the tin: the best games of the current year, both already released and upcoming. Each with a tag saying how much of a discount you might be able to get on each title.
  • Get more with G2A Plus—takes you to a display of featured offered by the G2A Plus program, which includes special deals on many games, as well discounts and cashback on a variety of other products and services
  • Games under €5—again, exactly what it says on the tin, a selection of some of the best games you could buy under a 5-dollar budget.

There’s also a fifth option, a special singular deal picked by G2A. Although the specific categories might change over time (e.g. 2019 Blockbusters to 2020 blockbusters), the Deal Zone is a reliable place to visit if you just want to browse and maybe spot something that’s of interest to you.

The indirect method

There’s also another method of finding deals, and it takes merely browsing the categories. There’s high chance that you’ll spot a product with a -xx% tag attached to it as a universal sign of reduced price. Some products will even have a “Hot Deal” sticker to indicate an especially noteworthy discount.

Go hunting for deals

That concludes this short summary of how you can find attractive deals on G2A.COM… except not entirely. You can also refer to the table below and see some deals which are in at the moment, and you could visit every weekend to see what offers found their way to the end-of-the-week G2A discount bonanza.