We haven’t seen a lot from Fallout in a while now, what’s with Bethesda attempting to flood the market with 10 thousand versions of Skyrim. But now in fact the silence might be coming to an end.

This cryptic hint was posted on Bethesda’s official Twitter page along with the new banner likewise showcasing the classic Standby message. Now curiously enough, it’s not black & white, but in full color, which may mean something.

We don’t know if this means a new Fallout game, Fallout 4 spin-off in the vein of New Vegas, Fallout VR or what. Some have very uncharitably speculated that it may simply mean a Remaster of Fallout 3. Because it’s only natural that when Bethesda is done milking Skyrim dry it will milk Fallout Dry. But those more hopeful among us want to believe there’s more to it.

As E3 draws near more things will keep popping up from other publishers as well. So you stay on the lookout and I’m gonna keep you posted