The E3 is not only about the console manufacturers’ conferences, big publishers have something to say as well.

Bethesda was the first one of the group to stage a conference, where it showed a VR version of the latest installment of the Fallout series. You can watch the presentation below:

The press release states that all the systems of Fallout 4 are in place with all-new combat, crafting and building options added in for good measure. This will surely make the owners of the HTC Vive happy, even if they do not represent a substantial part of the gaming community.

Fallout 4 VR will launch in October on PC for the HTC Vive only.

Doom is getting a virtual reality treatment as well, but in this case it won’t be the case of adding the option to an already existing game. According to the official plot description the game is set “shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC research facility on Mars.” You won’t take the role of the Doom guy, but will play as the consciousness of the last surviving human transferred to an “artificial brain matrix.” So it’s like a new Doom.

There is no exact date for the Doom VFR experience yet, apart from a vague “2017” slapped onto it. This game will be available for PlayStation VR as well so console players with their expensive headset (yet not as expensive as in the case of the HTC Vive) can prepare to fight like hell.