If there’s one thing that Bethesda unmistakably understands about Fallout (if not the type of game the original first 2 were) it’s the atmosphere and they’ve done amazing job with mood music.

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“] Can you feel that American spirit? Perfect for the 4th of July. In any case, the cover is made by Copilot, a company specializing in doing covers for video games and other media. You’ve probably never heard of them before but you most certainly heard them before.

Bethesda decided to release the song on ITunes and all proceeds from sales will go to Habitat for Humanity charity, an organization dedicated to building affordable houses everywhere. Which is very fitting, concerning Fallout’s very soul is this juxtaposition between striving for safety and complete devastation of your world. Also the the realization of futility of living the American dream in a desolate, irradiated desert.

While this is a marketing stunt, it’s a cute and clever one. Bethesda stated that they’re making a minimum donation of 100 thousand $ to the charity. While I would greatly appreciate it if they did it anyway instead of designing a marketing campaign for it, at least they’re clever about it.