The finale of the Ubisoft E3 conference was quite a shock as the publisher presented a CGI movie announcing the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

After the initial astonishment passed many people started asking questions. What is the game about? Why is the monkey swearing so much? Where is Jade? WHAT exactly is this game? Well, the creative director, Michel Ancel, presented bits from the in-development version of the title to the press during the conference and now you can also have a look for yourselves:

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is all about a sense of scale, then. You can strap a jet-pack to your protagonist and fly around and you can fly in your spaceship into well, space. Many doubters thought that the CGI trailer was the only thing that existed for the game, but now the developers are proving them wrong.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 will launch in the future for the easily guessed platforms.