The fantastic rogue-like that spawned a great deal of additional content is gearing up for something new after a somewhat lengthy period of content drought.

As you can see, it’s very sparse on the details, but the promise of showing off at Pax West is probably more than enough. Some are linking the visual presentation with the community-crafted mod Binding of Isaac: Antibirth. The developer himself has spoken about the mod on the past as being “on a whole different level” and mulled over adding it officially to the game, so we might see that happening.

Worth noting is that Binding of Isaac wholly embraced the modding community, which while it makes it somewhat difficult to understand the full extent of the content, has allowed the game to grow way beyond what could have been possible.

Currently it’s unclear whether this is supposed to be a new game, an add-on like Afterbirth+ or what, but the developer stated on Twitter that “2018 is going to be a year of Isaac”. I mean there’s not much of a year left, so hopefully there’s a lot to come. But hey, more Isaac is always good.

If you’re interested, Binding of Isaac managed to get 4th place on our Top 10 Best Offline Games list, which should speak to its quality (I am absolutely no authority on the matter, but if I pretend long enough, people will buy it). Check it out for more information.