Watch in awe as in the span of 20 minutes we learn virtually nothing about the world, plot or characters in the game, but there sure is a lot of explosions.

Narrated by Ben Irving, the lead producer behind Anthem, the clip goes in depth explaining a lot of different mechanics of Anthem. Of note is something we didn’t know before- your mech will overheat if you use the jet-boosters to fly or sprint for too long, but some environmental effects can extend this period. While I hope we won’t have to routinely drop to the ground to stop flying, I’m curious to see how creative they can get with utilizing your environment like that.

We’ve also seen that it’s possible to run exo-suits with completely different load-outs, as one of the players was relying on Colossus’armor while using close-quarter weapons like a shotgun and a flamethrower.  I’m actually quite interested in seeing how all the different combinations can work together and comboing moves with your friends for big effects certainly seems fun, even if this particular mission didn’t look very challenging.

The environments certainly look beautiful and while I’m not against storytelling through environmental cues, I’m still utterly confused as to what the story and the point of this game is. I mean if it’s supposed to be similar to Dark Souls—an exploration of some kind of mythic concept with a very vague story that’s fine, but I’d still very much want to know what that is, because so far it just has “generic sci-fi” going for itself.