Here’s one that’s certain to make an impact on many people.

James Ohlen, a game designer who had been with BioWare for the past 22 years decided to move on towards smaller, personal projects, as he announced on Twitter.

Ohlen has lead designer credits in some of the most important and famous BioWare titles, including Dragon Age: Origins and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He was also the director for the Star Wars MMO The Old Republic, which keeps rolling along pretty well seven years on, so he clearly did something right about that game.

What is he going to do next? As a self-described D&D fanatic he’s going to work with Arcanum Worlds, a publisher of additional content for Dungeons and Dragons, more specifically: its fifth edition.

We wish James Oghlen all the luck and prosperity in the all new endeavours, and are thankful for long hours of prime RPG experiences he helped deliver over the two decades.