Hey, remember Anthem? The upcoming title from Bioware that could very well be a make-it-or-break-it for the studio? The game that went into development fresh off the Andromeda failure while EA was still pushing loot-boxes? That one. No pressure mister Hudson.

While Casey Hudson has been trying to keep us somewhat posted with his developer blog posts, Anthem has maintained total radio-silence for most of the last year. The game has been delayed, ostensibly to give space for Battlefield V, which if I’m being absolutely honest with you dear readers, may very well spell disaster.

Now, I genuinely want Anthem to be good. And this is a sentence you will hear a lot, there’s a whole lot of people who WANT Anthem to be good. But this sentence in itself betrays the issue doesn’t it? Between so many hyped games, Anthem may just get lost in the crowd. And the year-long radio silence did not help.

It’s hard to stay enthusiastic and want to give it a shot when the bright heads behind it seemingly aren’t incentivizing that. A marketing war is a vicious one and Anthem is lagging behind.